This service includes the reviewing of financial statements to ensure accuracy of postings against records.  We make sure they are correct and we provide the adjusting of entries where applicable. In addition, we analyze financial statements, develop financial packages with various reports to capture relevant performance.  This will facilitate a timely and effective decision making scenario and will maintain overall management control.

We provide the development of financial models such as business plans, budgets, forecast and other business models to support effective management of your current operations. We provide an analysis of budgets and forecast against actual results to provide variances on current as well as expected future operational results. We are proactive in monitoring early warning signals and help develop response strategies.

This service can be done either remotely or online, depending on your preference as well as our recommendation. We will assess the business operations, and will recommend the best way of handling your bookkeeping services based on that aspect.

As an “ad on” value, we educate business owners as to why, how and when aspects of the business finance need to be addressed. We don’t want to just take your transactions, post in accounting software and then give you the financials at the end of the period. Instead, we educate you as business owners on what you should consider, and what should not be considered in running your business.  We base these assessments on the transactions and information gathered.

Part-time CFO / Financial Statement Review and Analysis

Many business owners believe that bookkeeping is good enough to run a business. Bookkeeping is a very good tool in accounting for business finances, but beyond that there should be a more comprehensive review and analysis on how the business is doing. We can help you on that aspect.

Financial statement review and analysis can be done on a monthly, quarterly, bi yearly or yearly basis depending on the business. Tools that are helpful in this process include: variance analysis of balance sheet and income statement, ratio analysis, gross margin analysis, budget vs actual analysis, and more.

This process gives management a very good understanding on where the business is at the moment, and provides a very important tool in deciding where to position itself going forward.

In addition, as a part time CFO, we can look into the operational aspect of the finance functions, review and recommend processes where necessary.

If interested, please send me an email to discuss further. We can put together a Financial Review and Analysis package geared towards your specific needs.


Business owners are usually very busy running the business, creating revenue and making profit. We are here to help business owners who are struggling to keep the finance part of the business organized and well prepared for the end of the year financial preparation, and yearly tax submission. We can take care of the following for you:

  • Post Customer Invoices
  • Post Vendor Invoices
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Post Journal Entries
  • All Other Bookkeeping Needs



Budgeting sounds like another waste of time.  Especially, when we can just be frugal instead, right?  However, believe it or not, there is power in a budgeting tool that encompasses just a mere number to put together on a periodic basis.

Businesses should establish a budget on a yearly basis. This budget should be compared to actual results, where the variances are to be analyzed and assessed. Positive reasons for creating a budget includes but not limited to:

  • A tool that guides the management in where they want to be at end of the year – thus all activities of the company during that period should be geared towards reaching that goal.
  • Involvement of peers, supervisors, managers and management in preparation of the budget. This creates a camaraderie and group effort with one goal of building a successful business.
  • A tool that helps in the analysis of the result of the business on a periodic basis. This gives management an understanding if revenue and expenses met their goals and objectives, if not, review the results to identify for any bottlenecks.

Some businesses are hesitant to create a budget since it is time consuming. However, the benefits of putting the budget together outweighs the time constraint. We are here to help you put your package together. We are going to understand your business, prepare different budget tools and materials specified to your business needs, and then finalize such budget upon approval of the management.


Forecasting is another tool in the finance aspect of a business that most businesses unfortunately, fail to do. For some, there is no time to put it together. What these people need to realize is that if you want your business to grow it is very important to do forecasting. Forecasting involves revenues and costs that are anticipated to be received or incurred through the rest of the year.

The year to date actual financials, plus forecast financials for the remainder of the year is the total for the year that gives the management an idea on how the business or a segment would look like given the current situation. It is usually compared to the budget in order to identify the differences and work on pressing issues. The benefit of which is resolving a problem before it is too late to fix. It also gives your company an idea on where you are at compared to budget, thus giving you tool for planning where needed.

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis is a very important tool for a striving company to use.  It can also be advantageous tool for a company that is already established to use. A company needs to be liquid in order to be able to continue paying bills, as well as invest in capital expenditures that will ultimately lead to revenue generating assets.

Liquidity is also very important in acquiring financing for big projects or investments. Cash flow analysis should also be prepared not only for short term goals, but more importantly for long term goals. Being liquid in the short term is good, but being liquid in the long run helps the growth of the company overall. What we can do to help:

  • Ensure that your bank accounts are reconciled first and foremost to ensure that all transactions for the period are in the system.
  • We then monitor your cash in and cash out transactions, build reports for that matter and provide an analysis where you can make good and sound management decision.
  • Create forecast cash analysis by understanding what’s the company’s goal in the next 3, 6, 12 months or more. This gives the company the feasibility if (1) you are meeting goals; (2) you need to get more funding to fund the business operations, (3) you are cash positive and able to invest in that next project on the list, (4) and many more.

Being cash flow positive at all times takes the stress away from the business, allowing it to focus it’s attention and energy on revenue generating projects.

Start-up Company Consulting

Are you starting a new company and you don’t know how to be in compliance? We are here to help you. We can help you on the following matters:

  • Choice of Business Entity (Sole Proprietor, S Corp, C Corp, LLC, Partnership)
  • New Business Formation; Company Registration
  • Request for Federal and State ID Numbers
  • Setting up Payroll
  • Finding an Applicable Accounting Software
  • Setting up Accounting Software and Processes
  • Set up Operations Processes and Review
  • Part Time Controller Services
  • Decision Making Scenario & Analysis: Buying/Selling a Business
  • And More…

Review or Audit Engagements

If your company is required to be audited or be reviewed either for new financing requirements, government requirements, loan requirements or just plain internal control purposes, we will be able to provide these services.

A review provides limited assurance on an organization’s financial statements. During a review, inquiries and analytical procedures present a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that no material modifications to the financial statements are necessary.

An audit provides the highest level of assurance on an organization’s financial statements. An audit provides assurance that an organization’s financial statements are free of material misstatement.